• Sept. 30

    TooManyBrains acquires and publishes the Smart-Baby applications

  • Sept. 19

    Version 1.4 of Dashmeleon is on Apple App Store

  • Sept. 09

    Now you can play Dashmeleon also on Facebook

  • Sept. 09

    Version 1.3.1 of Dashmeleon is on Google Play

  • August 28

    End of the summer holidays

  • August 13

    Start of the summer holidays

  • August 11

    Dashmeleon launch on Apple App Store

  • August 11

    Starts advertising campaign "Dashmeleon" on Facebook

  • 500 players reached

    500 players reached

    They may seem few (but better than before), but we are still happy!
  • Baby: Tale

    Baby: Tale

    "The Sun Child" is a fantastic story written by a certain Augusto Faglia and illustrated by a miniature master named Fernando Rocha de Souza. It narrates the incredible adventure of a tiny star bound to change the whole concept of universe. Enjoy the reading ... on "Baby: Tale"
  • TooManyBrains has a new logo!!

    TooManyBrains has a new logo!!

    After a bloody and deadly brain battle, a new logo had the upper hand on the others and now can safely drink from the skull of his adversaries and stand victorious on TooManyBrains site.
  • Dashmeleon: Two hundred downloads

    Dashmeleon: Two hundred downloads

    They may seem few, but we are still happy!

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  • Dashmeleon


    Help Chammy to cross unharmed the natural reserve of Bosco of Favara in his first free fantastic adventure available for iOS and Android.

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